Tax Enquiries
Pennybridge Accounting Ltd offer a Northern Ireland and UK wide bespoke service focused on those who are subject to investigation by HMRC.
We have a clear understanding of the issues that individuals and businesses face and can offer discrete, sound advice and critical decision making grounded by years’ of experience of taxation gained from working with HMRC inspectors. We distinguish ourselves from others because we have this unique advantage. We are able to utilise our skills and detailed knowledge to achieve the best outcome whilst at the same time maintaining confidentiality and discretion.

HMRC tax and VAT investigations can drain a significant amount of time and can be an extremely frustrating, stressful bureaucratic process when little or no progress is made or an impasse is reached. This burden can be greatly reduced by our input.

We offer a pragmatic, none judgemental and friendly approach to what is an extremely distressing time for all those involved. Our input can range from assistance with general tax and VAT advice to taking on the whole investigation or compliance check on your behalf. We offer a customer centric approach where the choice is yours and the options can be discussed to find a solution suitable for your own needs.

Early input is both critical to the outcome of the investigation and the costs that may be incurred. If you need help, act quickly. Please have a browse through our website and give us a call for a free confidential discussion on how best to progress matters for your own particular circumstances.