Financial Advice
Pennybridge Accounting Ltd can also offer our clients Independent Financial Advice. As your accountant we will already have an in depth understanding of your financial affairs which means we are well placed to offer you solutions to save tax, protect your business, protect your family, and invest for future events and retirement.
As accountants first and foremost you will find we are more approachable and that it is easier to deal with people you already know and trust with your finances.
Anyone who takes an objective look at financial planning, with professional advice, will benefit in the years to come. In these volatile times it is now more than ever that we all require financial advice. Without obligation, we can show you how to capitalise on your future and maximise your financial position. Listed below are just some of the areas in which we could help you

When you appoint Pennybridge Accounting Ltd you have peace of mind knowing we have experienced staff who will instruct on:

  • Your existing Policies
  • Regular Savings Plans (to build up capital, e.g. for a wedding or university fees)
  • Lump sum Investments including Stocks and Shares ISAs
  • Deposit Accounts (including instant access and fixed term bonds)
  • Retirement Planning (it is never too early to start)
  • Pension Consolidation (combining your various pensions into one more manageable and cost effective policy)
  • Inheritance Tax (to protect your heirs from an unnecessary tax liability)
  • Income during Illness or Disability (maintaining your income if you cannot work so you do not haveto give up your standard of living or home)
  • Life Assurance (to give peace of mind by protecting families and businesses from the costs debts and loss of income on a key person’s death)
  • Critical Illness Cover (to cover loss of earnings, make modifications to your home and pay or private treatment on the diagnosis of specified critical illnesses